Happy with our Havanese!!!

Karen - July 7, 2006

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our new puppy, Daisy. I am sending the photos that my son and I took at the airport when we picked her up, as well as a photo of her by herself. Thanks again!

Review of Sophie Grace 2012

William and Wanda -


Dear Anita: Just want to let you know that our Bichon (Sophie Grace ) who is almost 2 years old ( 9/22/12) is absolutely loved
and adored by everyone. My wife insisted on buying a Bichon. I was a little hesitant because I didn’t want a typical small
yippee noisy dog . WOW have I been surprised by the very special person ( she doesn’t know she is a dog)
she has become. I have to admit she is my steady loving companion. Where I go she is always there with me.
She absolutely love to ride any where I go. My brother has 2 older Bichons and he feels they not very smart breed.
Sophie is just the opposite she is extremely intelligent and obedient. Sometime I think she is clairvoyant .
She seems to know what you are thinking. She was kept in a cage for about 3 weeks and we found that was no longer necessary.
She also took to the potty pads in less that a week. People don’t believe we go away during the day and just let her roam the house.
When we come home she greets us with her loving smile and wants to be held and loved. We never have to worry about anything being disturbed . I have given out your name and E-mail address to a lot of people and told them of how great a breeder you are.
You mention they are pre spoiled , well I have to admit I have carried on your tradition very well.
My wife & I just can’t think of life without Sophie. No need to say she has stolen my & many others hearts. Everyone wants to take her home with them. We have to be careful all of the grandchildren try to sneak her home with them.
I attached a picture .
Thanks again, William & Wanda