What Do I Need to Purchase?

Puppies are like children and require proper care, please make sure you are prepared for the responsibility. These little ones will be depending on you to provide them with everything they need to stay healthy and happy. In return, they will offer you lots of laughs, a lifetime of genuine love and pure devotion.

Here is a list of items that may be needed to ease the arrival of your new puppy:

Love and Patience

The first thing to have ready for your new puppy cannot be purchased from a store, it comes from within. New babies need lots of love and patience to help them learn and grow.

A Crate…

…will help them feel secure because it will become their own little bedroom, a place that they can go to rest when they get tired out. It will also help to teach them how to wait to go potty since they do not want to go in their beds. *If we are shipping your puppy, he will be shipped in an appropriate crate. You may need to shop for a larger one, later, as he grows.

Food of good quality…

…specially designed for the growth of a puppy is necessary for overall good health. Dry food is better for their teeth than the canned. It keeps them cleaned better. I send food home with each of my puppies so that incase their new owner finds it more convenient to switch them to a brand other than what I have been feeding they can make the change gradually by mixing it with the new food. I feed my dogs and puppies the appropriate mixture of the Diamond Brand. Here is a link to their website. You can request information about a local retailer there: Diamond Pet Foods Diamond Pet Foods.

Dishes used for food and water…

…are really personal preference. There is no right or wrong type to select. I prefer the crock-like kind that are separate food and water. They are heavier than most others and not as easily knocked over or spilled and easily washed. Bichons tend to get food in their beards and it is easily deposited in their water dish. That is why I recommend the separate bowls.

Collars and Leashes…

…are also very individual preference. The size to select depends on how old or big your new puppy is. For an 8-12 week old Bichon sometimes the cat collars fit better than the puppy collars. I recommend something light weight in both the collar and the leash for the comfort of the puppy. Since it is sometimes a bit of an adjustment for puppies to have something around their necks, many people enjoy using the harness to connect the leash to instead of a collar. I really enjoy the retractable leashes that are available.


Shampoo is available in specially designed formulas for white coats and carried by most pet stores. These are fine for older dogs and for experienced shampooers. However, they can sting and burn if you accidentally get it in their eyes. I recommend a gentle puppy formula shampoo that will not dry the skin out. This will make bath time a pleasurable experience for both of you.


Brushes that work best on the hair of the Bichons are referred to as slicker brushes. The slicker brushes are good for daily brushing, help keep tangles from developing and help maintain the fluff of their coats. To get the powder-puff appearance, after the bath use the slicker brush while gently blow drying your puppy.


Toys available for a new puppy are many. In general you’ll need to make sure that they are safe things for a little one to play with. Just as with young children, you’ll want to avoid little pieces that can be easily swallowed. All puppies go through a teething stage and it is helpful for them to have something safe to chew on other than your new shoes. The best idea is to supervise young puppies during their play time with any toys that you give them.

A Blanket or Pillow…

…that is your pup’s very own special thing to sleep with in the crate is nice for them to have. One thing especially common to the Bichon is that they absolutely love pillows! It’s not uncommon for puppies to cry the first night or two when they move to their new homes with their new families. They’ve been use to sleeping with their litter mates so giving them a special blanket, pillow or stuffed toy to cuddle with will help them feel a little bit more secure during the transition. I send each puppy home with a dish towel that has the scent of his litter mates on it. I let them sleep on it the night before he leaves. It would be a good idea to not wash this towel until he is adjusted to his new surroundings.

A Veterinarian…

…that comes highly recommend is sometimes a little harder to get into but usually well worth the wait. It’s important to feel as comfortable with your vet as your family physician. Make sure that you have your new puppy examined as soon as possible and that you have received a list of all shots, wormings or other medications your new puppy has had so that your vet can review it and be able to advise you properly for follow up routine care.