Update on Callee

gwen - August 13, 2018

I thought I would send you a quick update on Calee.  She is the best!  She has adjusted to being at her new home exceptionally well.  I was prepared for her to have a restless night or two, but she has been a trooper.  She let me know when she woke up during the night and we went outside for potty time, but she did not “cry” like I thought she might.  She is eager to learn and is learning very quickly.  Sit is going very well as is potty training.  I am in love with this little bundle of fur.

I took her to the Vet on Saturday and Dr. Kaufman gave you rave reviews on the start you provide to your puppies.  Calee is as healthy as can be, she weighed 4 lbs 4 oz.   She goes back on Wednesday for her next vaccine

Calee has those puppy burst of energy and has lots of toys to chew/play with.  Attaching a picture for you to see her.

Today is her first day at Grandma and Grandpa’s for the day.  Billy said she did fine on the ride to their house this morning.  The grandparents are thrilled to finally have her come visit.

Thank you again for the care and love you have for your furry family and allowing us the privilege to love and care for Calee.  She is precious!


Gwen and Billy

Roger and Brenda



Perfect Puppy

June - November 8, 2017


I just want to say hello and thank you for the quality of your dogs. This
little guy turned 10 in September. I had blood work done so we can have
his teeth cleaned and his blood work came back perfect with NO
abnormalities. He is such a joy. Thank you!7283B4E0-0749-4F61-ADB9-502324F0E711

Lis Lis

Amy and Keith - October 28, 2017

Dear Anita,
I know that you have so many wonderful puppies that you probably will not remember us, but I just wanted to let you know how wonderful and precious our little girl is.
We purchased a Shi-chon last Spring. We are from Florida, and were visiting my best friend in Nashville. My Mom, her dog and I came up to pick her up, and you were so kind to place a gold bow on her carrier. We had mentioned that we are New Orleans Saints fans, and we named her Fleur de Lis. we call her Lis Lis (prncd lee lee.) She is the most precious and wonderful little baby. We take her many places with us, and she  draws a crowd wherever we go. People are so taken with how beautiful she is and are so wooed by her “Maybeline” eye lashes and gorgeous face that it is hard to get them to leave after they start petting her.
She is the light of our life!!!
 Please rest assured that she is pampered, loved and impeccably cared for.
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Amy and Keith 
Destin, Florida
update:  Halloween pictures!
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Oodle the therapy dog

kathie & nellie - October 27, 2017

Hello Anita

Im 11 years old now and as you can see by my picture Im a real HOT DOG! Hope your fine. Im doing great and live in Florida now right on the beach with my mommies Kathy and Nellie & my best friend Snicker my sheltie who thinks Im his sheep & always makes sure Im safe.

We work as service dogs ‘ therapy dogs together for Kathy & for people at nursing homes & hospitals & love life & love out jobs.

Hope you like the picture. Drop a note &say hi & let us know you got this.

Oodle Kathy Nellie & Snicker.14D537A4-BFC6-46C3-811A-F7579C4CA4ED



Terri - October 21, 2017


We are the happy parents of Jessie Wallace; that we were blessed enough to adopt from you September of last year.  We discussed at that time that we might be interested in having a litter of puppies with Jessie.  She has proved herself to be sweet, beautiful, gentle with children

We will be references for your puppies at any time.  Jessie is absolutely precious, well loved and we are thrilled with her.


God bless!



Sweet Casey

Dan and Debbie - August 28, 2017

Hi Anita,
We got a puppy from you back in October and named her Casey.  Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I love our goofy girl like crazy!  We adore her!  She is such a lovie puppy, and she is nonstop entertainment!  We’re just crazy about our little doggie!  And she is totally spoiled!
Dan & Debbie
Hi Anita.  The puppy (Casey) we got from you is now one year old.  Is she just too cute or what!  She’s a total goofball.  Her toys are all over the house!
Dan & Debbie

Our Sweet Puppy

Shawn - August 15, 2017


Hi Anita,
I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much we adore Auggie (Augustis MacNabb the Fierce).  He is the perfect dog for us.  He now weighs 9.6 pounds and is so smart.
He is completely crate trained and loves to go on walks.  His favorite past time outside is chasing butterflies and sniffing out chipmunks (doesn’t care to catch one, just likes to sniff them out!)
He is happy and healthy.
Thank you again for this amazing little friend.

ShihChon Puppy!

Bob and Christine - October 11, 2014

Moyers1 Moyers2

Moyers3 Moyers4

Hi Anita, our little black puppy is almost 10 months old and we love her to
death.  We named her Daisy.  She went to puppy obedience school and really minds
well.  She was also easy to potty train.  Every one who sees her falls in love
with her!  She is so cute.  When we take her to the groomer, we don’t have to
tell him what we want.  He just does what he calls “the Daisy cut”. I am
attaching a picture of her.   Thanks so much.  Bob and Christine



Franco is 1 Year Old!

Quinzella - October 10, 2014

Franco is the best so spoiled I love my bichon….
Everyone loves him

Kiki the Amazing Bichon

Tim & Adriana - October 6, 2014

Kiki has been truly amazing we are so happy to have him. Our lab is 9 yr old and when she is gone we would like to get another bichon for kiki. He got attached to her so much and we are afraid he will have a hard time being withou her and we think getting him another partner will help him.
If you would like to see him, we could stop by one day. We go often to by there to my parents and most of the time we take the dogs with us. I wonder if he would recognize his parents. adriana1 adriana2 adriana3 adriana4 adriana5