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In the meantime, I’ve prepared important information about our puppies below:

Puppy FAQs

  1. Food for Puppies
  2. Vaccination/Worming Protocol
  3. General Information
  4. Puppy Selection Tips
  5. What Do I Need to Purchase?
  6. Bichon Breed History
  7. AKC Bichon Breed Standard


Purchase Information

  1. Our Prices/Deposit Info
  2. Hours of Operation
  3. Puppy Visits
  4. Shipping/Delivery Information
  5. Holding Puppies/Waiting List
  6. Our Guarantee
  7. Micro-Chip Program


Availability of our Bichon Frise, Teddy Bear (ShihChon), Havanese, HavaChon and HavaTzu, YorkChon and CavaChon puppies can be found here.


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