Teddy Bear Updates

Taryn and Tom - August 8, 2014

Hello Anita!
We just wanted to give you an update on our teddy bear boys. We got Ralphie from you in December of 2012, and Frankie from you in January of 2014. Anyway, we love Ralphie and Frankie with all of our hearts. They bring us so much joy on a daily basis. Ralphie is the nicest boy who loves to snuggle with everyone he meets. Frankie is a bit more playful, and loves to play with his brother, go for walks, and constantly gives tons of kisses. We can’t thank you enough for bringing them into our lives. Whenever we go out with them, people constantly stop us to comment on how beautiful they are.
Thank you again! I hope you and your family are doing well. I’ve attached a couple pictures of them, and you are welcome to use them on your site.
Taryn and Tom Aiello1


Havachon Bebe +

Eric - July 26, 2014


Anita, hope all is well !!! Bebe is doing well also and we love her. will send you a few more pics

Our New Puppy-Gracie

Liz - June 29, 2014

Hi Anita –
I want to let you know that we got home with Gracie just fine. She did get car sick and we had to stop 4 times. She took one sniff of some ginger cookies and said, No thank you! But we were fine. She did very well and was quiet the first day home. She has gotten used to her contained area and has made great progress in not jumping up against the sides.
We had the family over yesterday for a big family event and she was a big hit. Our grands (4 and 6) adore her and today I introduced her to the kiddos next door – 4, 6 and 8. I think our door bell will be ringing a lot this summer…
Gracie has been eating well and all functions are go.
Thanks again for our terrific little girl.

Happy Jack!

BettyAnn - June 24, 2014


Hi there. I became the mama of Jack a few weeks ago and just wanted you to see how happy he and my hubby are with each other. As I predicted jack is his daddy/s boy. Thanks for breeding such a special puppy for us. Again, thanks for having a hand in adding so much love to our household. I cannot believe we waited all of these years to add a puppy to our family.

GiGi is doing great!!!

Penny - June 17, 2014

My little girl, Gigi, has settled in at her new home! She is so sweet & ornery! The first couple nights were difficult with the crate but we’re on track now. Potty training is going well too! I think she doing great for 8 weeks. She actually went to the back door and whined today! I love her and so does her extended family! She will be well cared for & spoiled rotten!



Maggie Update

Bernie - June 7, 2014

Hi Anita
Maggie is adapting to her new home very well. We are really enjoying her as she settles in. She went with us to meet granddaughters in Maryland and did very well traveling up and back. Almost there with potty training! Only an occasional slip up.
Added a few pics. Notice the squirrel, her new best playmate!



Thanks for your help!

Kate and Mike - April 28, 2014


rosenthal2Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures and let you know that both dogs are doing well! Thanks again for your help last week J We love our Caney Fork Havachons! Sincerely, Kate (and Mike)

Max the CavaChon!

Erica - March 24, 2014

I wanted to write and give you an update on how Max did this weekend.

The ride home went really well and he went potty each time we stopped. He played with my son in the back seat and he snuggled with my neice.

He is very sweet and loving!  He hasn’t acted depressed at all and you would think that he’s always been with us.  Except for one time when we didn’t get to him fast enough and he tinkled on one of my rugs a little bit, he’s gone potty outside.  He’s also slept really well.  The first night he was in the crate and I slept on the couch and put him beside me.  He woke up two times during the night and both times I took him out and we went potty, came back in and went right back to sleep. Last night, he went out twice, but the times in between were longer.  He was in the crate next to my bed that time.  He’s been really fun so far and we love him already.
While we are gone during the day today, he’s in a puppy exercise pen.  We bought a piece of linoleum at Lowe’s and put the pen on that so he doesn’t have an accident on the floors and he’s got his crate, puppy pad, toys and food.  My mom is going to go over and check on him this morning.  He wasn’t happy when we left this morning, but I’m hoping he’ll adjust soon.
Thanks again for doing business with us and we’re already so in love with our new family member!


Vickye - January 25, 2014

Harley Harley2Thanks for helping us heal our hearts!