Eric & Kyungae - September 21, 2014

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Hello Anita!  We just wanted to check in again and let you know how Bebe is
doing!  Bebe has brought so much joy and fun to our family!  She is so spoiled
and extremely loved! She slept in her cage for about 2 months until our oldest
daughter came home from Florida and then insisted Bebe sleep with her! So now
Bebe just sleeps wherever and with whomever she chooses! Lol. She’s doing great
with house-training! She’s so smart too! We wanted to give you an update and send some pics to
show you how awesome she’s doing!
Eric and Kyungae


Katie - September 16, 2014

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Thought you might like to see how Joey’s been doing. He is our world! I tell
everyone he is my child ( we don’t have human kids yet but he is just as good!)
So funny, Brooks wasn’t there with us when we picked Joey out at your home, but
needless to say he is definitely a daddy’s boy 😉 We are looking forward to
getting him a little brother or sister 🙂



Sarah - September 15, 2014

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Anita, Just wanted to let you know we are fine and doing well.  Zelda is the most social dog I have every had–loves everybody, 2 or 4 legged!  Have a hard time keeping her away from unknown dogs when on walks.  Thanks for your help…love her!  Sarah

First Haircut!!!

Nancy - August 18, 2014




Bettyann - August 17, 2014

Hi there. I just wanted to give you an update on our baby Jack. He was born March 27th and getting ready to turn 5 months old. He has added so much fun and joy to our lives and is so smart. We have bells on our door and he rings them everytime he needs to go out to potty. Never has an accident now. He is so smart and has us wrapped around his paws :). Thanks once more for breeding the awesome pups that you do. Only one complaint…he is a napkin and tp thief…haha


Susanne - August 13, 2014

First off, thank you for all you do. Ringo has totally changed my life for the better, forever. I could not imagine my life without him – and I do not want to. He is literally my best friend and I know we were made for each other. I had had a really hard year, struggling with a break up and depression, and he has helped me tremendously. My parents are not dog people but adore him. They are so impressed with his temperament and obedience. He is the sweetest thing and obviously adorable – I have compliments on him literally every single day. We are in puppy training now and he is loving it! He also passed a test for day care and everyone there fell in love with him as well. Thank you for all your help. You were so kind and honest and really made me feel comfortable making this huge life-changing decision. I can never thank you enough.
xoxo Susanne

Auggie & Izzie

Shawn - August 10, 2014

I thought you might like to see photos of our sweet Auggie and Izzie Mae. They are so precious. Both have become a huge part of our family. Auggie is such a loving “gentleman”. Izzie Mae runs the show. She talks to us and has become so loving. It takes her longer to warm up to people than it does Auggie.



Teddy Bear Updates

Taryn and Tom - August 8, 2014

Hello Anita!
We just wanted to give you an update on our teddy bear boys. We got Ralphie from you in December of 2012, and Frankie from you in January of 2014. Anyway, we love Ralphie and Frankie with all of our hearts. They bring us so much joy on a daily basis. Ralphie is the nicest boy who loves to snuggle with everyone he meets. Frankie is a bit more playful, and loves to play with his brother, go for walks, and constantly gives tons of kisses. We can’t thank you enough for bringing them into our lives. Whenever we go out with them, people constantly stop us to comment on how beautiful they are.
Thank you again! I hope you and your family are doing well. I’ve attached a couple pictures of them, and you are welcome to use them on your site.
Taryn and Tom Aiello1


Havachon Bebe +

Eric - July 26, 2014


Anita, hope all is well !!! Bebe is doing well also and we love her. will send you a few more pics

Our New Puppy-Gracie

Liz - June 29, 2014

Hi Anita –
I want to let you know that we got home with Gracie just fine. She did get car sick and we had to stop 4 times. She took one sniff of some ginger cookies and said, No thank you! But we were fine. She did very well and was quiet the first day home. She has gotten used to her contained area and has made great progress in not jumping up against the sides.
We had the family over yesterday for a big family event and she was a big hit. Our grands (4 and 6) adore her and today I introduced her to the kiddos next door – 4, 6 and 8. I think our door bell will be ringing a lot this summer…
Gracie has been eating well and all functions are go.
Thanks again for our terrific little girl.